Heritage Lagoa

Quite fortified and believer, thus presents the Lagoa.


Heritage in Algarve

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Auditorio municipal

Municipal auditorium – a cultural equipment, a renovated and requalified area with a pedestrian space and public tour and others to car parking, both for the people who go there for shows and events, but also to facilitate people’s car parking in the area Lagoa.

Fortaleza de N. Sra. da Rocha

N. Sra. da Rocha fortress – on the promontory of Porches, this fortress was provided with a bastion wall in the seventeenth century, polygonal, and cistern, supported by gap, that there are still traces and drawbridge. In an area that offered exceptional conditions for the protection of the populations of frequent attacks by corsairs, and particularly for the protection of existing almadrava the source, the current de Pera Beach. However, disappeared when the calamitous earthquake of 1755, leaving only the small chapel, inside and wonder scenario justify the visit to this site.

Fortaleza de N. Sra. da Encarnacao

N. Sra. da Encarnação fortress – in Carvoeiro, this was built in the late eighth century, and centuries later, at the end of piracy attacks, the fortress was turned off and was installed here a post of Fiscal Guard. The construction of the seventeenth century, it remains part of the wall to the northeast, with the will of the gateway and respective vault. With the intervention of 2006, consolidated if the existing walls and altetou up the tower’s southeast corner, at a height similar to the original structure. Inside is the chapel of Our Lady of the Incarnation, of ancient origin, with, however, a contemporary traces resulting from the recent works of consolidation.

Churchyard Chapel of N. Sra. da Encarnação – in Carvoeiro, in the simple chapel of Ms. of the Incarnation, the devotion of the people of the sea, it is possible to see the magnificent view to the beach of Carvoeiro. magnificent picture postcard where the picturesque windows are visible, the roof terraces and parapets painted ocher tones contrasting with the gleaming white houses that “falls” cascading to the sea. At the beach, there is still colorful boats of the old chores of inshore fishing. But times have changed, and now, the gaudy vessels await groups of tourists for visits to the caves.

Torre da Lapa

Lapa Tower – in Ferragudo, this was possibly built in the seventeenth century in masonry stone and mortar, this is a circular structure, about five meters in diameter base. This site may be seen a good stretch of ocean and the mouth of the Arade River, where it was necessary to remove those who wanted to enter the bar to steal and loot. Currently it is not necessary for surveillance, but we can admire the magnificent natural setting.

Torre do Moinho

Mill Tower – in Ferragudo, this is a little high, a little to the east of the Church of Ferragudo. Its construction dates back to the fifteenth century, although it has been tampered with, over time, from the coast to mill surveillance device, as the name suggests. Their placement in high point led to it being harnessed to telecommunication devices.

Forte de S. Joao do Arade

S. João do Arade Fort – in Ferragudo, this was built in the seventeenth century and was the pair of the Fortress of Santa Catarina, the main defense of the estuary of the River Arade. It is well marked with different planes and the two canhoeira orders to a high heat to another heat brim. The various watchtowers, accentuate her character military device. Passed over as a defense bastion eventually suffer works to adapt the residence, on the initiative of the poet Coelho Carvalho, at the beginning of the century. XX. In 1974, it was classified as a Public Interest. Currently, the Forte is family owned Pereira Coutinho who bought at the end of the 1990s.

Farol de Alfanzina

Alfanzina Lighthouse – in Carvoeiro, this sends a safe signal to all those navigating the ma. Fishermen call it Carvoeiro lighthouse, but this is called officially by Alfanzina Lighthouse. Built on the cliff that gave him the name Alfanzina tip, came into operation on 1 December 1920, maintaining today a strategic importance as a point of orientation for those looking under Windward ports, Lagos and Portimão, or for mariners that in the opposite demand the Sotavento route.

Farol da Ponta do Altar

Ponta do Altar Lighthouse – in Ferragudo, was built in 1893, ten years after being approved by the Commission of Lighthouses and Beacons general plan alumiamento and buoying the Portuguese coast. In 2008 came into operation on the mainland, a maritime traffic control system (VTS) which secondary control is effected by the lighthouse from the tip of the altar, which won a large antenna. This system (VTS) ensures control of all maritime traffic up to 50 nautical miles from the coast, with the main objective to improve safety and traffic management and preserve the environmental heritage.

Chamines de Porches

Porches chimneys – Porches are the most beautiful chimneys of the Algarve, delighted with its enigmatic features, making the brand image of the village. This is the case of the chimney so-called ex-libris of the village, built on the secular houses as a donjon in miniature. In it, the mysteries involve questions in the reliefs, the coronation in shots of pine cones, the circle of staff ends, the wheel curious rays. And the most intriguing is the human figure patent it. Dated 1793, this chimney is on the street chimney. Close by, in the Mail Tray, rises another chimney, probably from the eighteenth century. It has four faces that rise through the cracks torn vertically, showing at the base four circular loops, one on each face. In the same historic area of ​​the village there is another sign of the local genuineness of chimneys. It is the Lion of Porches, eighteenth-century building which houses the restaurant with the same name, boasting a splendid fireplace that features a lion crowned with vine leaves. Strolling through the village, repair the roofs of the houses, you will surely find many more deserving chimneys of contemplation.

Sra. da Rocha

Sra. da Rocha – in Porches is unavoidable indolent a short walk to the headland and his hermitage. From there one can see the two bays. – The New Beach and the Our Lady of Praia da Rocha, with its traditional fishing nucleus to live with an intense activity in beach sand that barely the length of 90m.

Algar Seco

Algar Seco – one of the beauties of landscapes Carvoeiro. Erosion has created all those graceful forms of limestone, to the marine waters, deep, sometimes agitated have contributed to magnify the picture. well worth it down the steps and enjoy, closely, the sound of waves, those wonder of places, where nature has done almost everything and the little man managed to destroy.

Igreja de N. Sra. da Conceicao

Churchyard Church of N. Sra. da Conceição – due to several sites in Ferragudo offers to contemplate beautiful scenery. The forecourt of the Church of N. Mrs. da Conceição is a place not to be missed. Enjoy fantastic views of Portimão across the river, with the Monchique mountains in the background. This church of the sixteenth century, was rebuilt after the earthquake of 1755. Inside are several images of the seventeenth and eighteenth century and a double-sided representation of the fifteenth century, with Our Lady and the Crucified Lord, along with a beautiful collection of ex-votos of sailors and fishermen who performed before their departure to the sea.