Paradise in Algarve

Paradise is only found when searching for it, in this case, explore the Algarve, a place that no one is indifferent to tradition, the diversity of the landscape and the exuberance of nature, rather than a natural sanctuary, with Roman and Muslim raids can only be discovered with the tread paths. A journey that begins in the coastal strip, where the sea joins with secular fisheries habits and ends inside Algarve in Barrocal, can always observed the ethnographic and natural heritage through horseback riding or donkey, hiking, mountain biking or even jeep. With the jeep they can also perform safaris, diving the Algarvian mountains, between trips to enjoy the scenery and food tasting. In the context of a more languid, but always with the associated emotions are the bike rides, mountain biking or hiking, held in the Serra de Monchique and Serra do Caldeirão, which enable the discovery of a peaceful Algarve, pastoral and gentle . Other sports practiced in the Algarve, is equestrianism, which runs various locations throughout the year, in which the most experienced explore and discover more hidden places in the mountains. In a land of contrasts and landscapes breathtaking, the Algarve becomes perfect for practicing orientation, a sport that rewards the contact with nature, requiring the ability to know how to find the desired place, with only a map or chart military, a compass, comfortable clothing and good mood. These rails are both appealing the possibility of observing the Algarve nature in its pure state, fauna and flower, bird life, especially in the Ria Formosa, which extends from Loulé to Tavira, passing through Faro and Olhão; in the Ria de Alvor, near Portimão; in Costa Vicentina Natural Park and the Castro Marim Nature Reserve and Vila Real de Santo António; the Serra de Monchique, Espinhaço Dog and Cauldron.

Leisure in Algarve