It is a city of Faro district and is county seat of 4 parishes Moncarapacho and Fuseta; Olhão; Pechão; Quelfes. This is bordered to the north by São Brás de Alportel, Tavira also by the north and east, west of Faro and coast borders the majestic Atlantic Ocean.

A little history of Olhão

Settlement of evidence were found and attest to the occupation since the prehistoric times of Olhão. One of the oldest written references in 1378, Olhão designate him look.

The water will have been one of the decisive factors for the fishermen began to settle on the beach of Olhão, in the early seventeenth century. In this sense, the small town develops, even against the order and will of Faro authorities in this region belonged. Being benefited, this town gets the protection of the Fortaleza de São Lourenço, even precarious, allowed the guard and prevented the entry bar and deter attacks by corsairs.

During the French occupation of the Algarve, in 1808, the population of Olhão rise against the abuses of the invaders, culminating in the expulsion of the French in the Olhão area and following this act, the Algarve found himself free of such oppressive forces. The following month, a fleet “Caique Bom Sucesso” to Brazil, carries men from Olhão, which would deliver the news of the French expulsion of national lands. These men carried with them an unofficial letter, describing audacious attitude that Olhão took this revolt.

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With the increase in fishing activity in the coastal zone and the high seas, along with trade, there is a population outbreak and in 1965, housed in Olhão require the Bishop to his detaching of Quelfes parish, and thus created the Our Lady Parish the Rosary of Olhão.

As a reward for this act of bravery, the Prince Regent offers a Permit with power law, distinguishing Olhão and its inhabitants, making this village and ordering that “might be named Olhão Village Restoration.” At this time, the village needed a creation of a new municipality, endowed with local autonomy, something that only happened in 1826, and erected the House of Olhão and is created the place of Juiz de Fora who chaired the town council.

In the year 1835, the Moncarapacho parish joined the part of the Terms of Olhão and the following year the House took possession of the parishes of Olhão, Quelfes, Pechão and part of Moncarapacho parish.

The long of years, once small fishing village raised in a large urban center, economic and social flourishing up in 1985 is elevated to city status, Olhão Restoration Village becomes the Olhão City Restoration.

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