Câmara de Lobos

As the county seat, parish and town, Câmara de Lobos is on the south coast of Madeira. Its name came from the time when the island was discovered and this location were spotted sea lions in the cove that still contains the same configuration. Today, these sea lions come in the unspoilt deserted islands. The essential activities for the economy are fishing, agriculture, especially the banana culture, trade, services and industry. Along with the Câmara de Lobos, are four parishes: Curral das Freiras, Estreito de Câmara de Lobos, Jardim da Serra and Quinta Grande.

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Being the first site to be found, Câmara de Lobos was the dwelling of João Gonçalves Zarco, the navigator who discovered the island between 1420 and 1424, and is the first settlement to be established, bringing up the parish in 1430. A land fishermen who hunt especially the black scabbard fish, but are also famed its picturesque boats, known as Xavelhas. On January 8, 1950, the former prime minister English, Winston Churchill painted his portrait during a visit to Madeira. Already rising to the Câmara de Lobos islet, is much of the fishing class locality, has been renovated and adapted, getting a beautiful garden which allows the view of a landscape of the city, sea and surroundings as Cabo Girao.

Already the longest villages of this county is Curral das Freiras, with a deep valley, it resembles a volcano, this locality was born of a situation that dates back to 1560. the nuns of the Convent of Santa Clara had fled, the Lutherans French privateers, who invaded and ransacked Funchal, these sought shelter in this area between the mountains, and a location with great visibility both for the sea and for the rest of the island and having a difficult access becomes more secure. Currently, it is still necessary to access by car on a winding road from Funchal.

The name of the parish of Estreito de Câmara de Lobos came from the geographic feature, because it is a gorge in a narrow valley, but can also have this primitive name Strait. Over time, this locality has extended the surrounding land, to the current parish. Madeira wine is closely related to this parish, where the landscape changes colors twice a year, where its vineyards are only green leaves Purple and vice versa.

The youngest parish of the island of Madeira is the Jardim da Serra, its name came from Quinta do Jardim da Serra, built on this site in the nineteenth century by Henry Weiteh, with its magnificent garden that originated this parish. Their breeding grounds are perfect for growing cherries, the only place where they develop and in his honor a festival is celebrated.

The name of the parish of Quinta Grande originates from the extensive Jesuit property, the populated and over time were covering the locality. At the bottom of Cabo Girao are fajãs with cultivated land, which can be accessed by boat or cable car. It also highlights the viewpoint of Faja dos Padres and Quinta do Pomar, in which you can descend lift to the beach.