Ilhas Selvagens

A sub-archipelago of Madeira, the Selvagens Islands lie 250 kilometers south of Funchal and 165 kilometers north of the Spanish archipelago of the Canaries. Its administration is in the municipality of Funchal.

These islands are composed of two main islands and several islets, all of volcanic origin, this place is a sanctuary for migratory birds, who enjoy 273 hectares to nest and then rest.

This sub-archipelago is divided into two groups, the northeast that is composed of the Island Wild Grande and three islets – Earth Haystack Haystack Sea and Sinho; Southwest group is presented by Island Wild Small and Ilhéu de Fora, along with other smaller islets, like the Alto, o Comprido, o Redondo, Pequeno, Grande, Ilhéu do Sul and the small group of Ilhéus do Norte. There is a special feature of this small archipelago is its barrier reef that surrounds it.

Much debate has taken place between the Portuguese government and Spanish, due to the delimitation of the Exclusive Economic Zone, while Portugal insists on the classification of the Savage Islands as islands against the Castilian opposite that argues that these are mere rocks.

Despite its distance and sobvalorização, the Savage Islands were considered Natural Reserve, integrating Natural Park of Madeira since 1971, becoming classified as one of the oldest nature reserves in Portugal.

In 2003, these islands were selected for the national application for UNESCO World Heritage Site, but for such a special authorization is required for your visit. This natural heritage is blessed by its clean waters, the cleanest in the world, being a sanctuary for a variety of animals and relatively comfortable temperatures, the Savage Islands are a natural temple, which require maximum protection and preservation.

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