By Sea…

Exploring the Madeira Islands by sea side, it can be made by appease the boat rides, where you can observe the natural beauty, roaming the island of Madeira, the island of Porto Santo and the uninhabited islands, which together enable a single trip . It also enables the observation of cetaceans, about 28 species inhabit and visit the Madeiran waters between the common dolphin (Delphinus delphis), painted dolphin (Stenella frontalis), the Bottle-Nosed Dolphin (Tursiops truincatu), the Sperm Whale (Physeter macrocephalus) the Whale Pilot (Globicephala macrorhynchus), the Bryde’s whale (Balaenoptera edeni) and Loggerhead Turtle (Caretta caretta), an unforgettable experience.

If the interest is diving, Madeira enables swim in its waters, calm and full of marine life and is even considered one of the best places in Europe for this practice. Among the temperate and crystalline waters, natural reserves and mysterious places, there are anemones, black corals, fish such as groupers, moray eels, manta rays and even sea lions, a rare species. It is recommended diving in Canico, Garajau, Machico, Caniçal, Santa Cruz and Porto Santo. In Madalena do Mar, about 21-30 meters deep, 180 meters from the coast, is the ship “Bowbelle” which for many years there sank and that today is an artificial reef.


Activities in Madeira

... By Land... Through Air... By Sea

For those looking for a bit of adventure sports in Madeira offers conditions and means for some activities:

Coasteering combines rappelling, climbing and focused jumping into the sea, allowing the exploitation of cliffs, bays, caves and crannies with translucent water. It is advised to exploit the natural reserve of Ponta de São Lourenço, go Coasteering the rail which aims to present the natural beauty of the Bay d`Abra.

Sport Fishing in Madeira is unique, since its waters are favored by migratory routes of species such as blue marlin and bigeye tuna, albacore tuna, albacore, bluefin tuna, blue shark, hammer shark, barracuda and swordfish.

Stand Up Paddle is a recent activity that encourages the feeling of walking on water, a board and a paddle, the captive Wood for the exploitation of its calm and crystal clear waters.

Madeira is known as the Hawaii of the Atlantic, which offers all the conditions for surfing, the adrenaline through the body during the rule the waves. A perfect place to get the swells of the Atlantic Ocean, taking advantage of the points breaks and reef breaks, this is the wood in the back of Jardim do Mar, Paul do Mar, Porto da Cruz and São Vicente are the prime locations.

With low ripple and with a force of constant wind, Madeira is a paradise for windsurfing, especially on calm sea on the south coast of Madeira, especially Funchal, Achadas da Cruz, Caniço, Santa Cruz, Machico, Caniçal, Paul Sea and Porto Santo. On the other side of the kite is very popular in the bay of Funchal, Praia Formosa and Porto Santo.