Beach in Calheta

The beach Areia da Calheta is an artificial yellow sand beach, which opened in 2004, the first to be opened and containing sand Morocco. This is near the recreation port is frequented by practitioners of canoeing and windsurfing.

Already Portinho Beach and the Beach Enseada is one the most popular beaches for surfing worldwide are the Portinho, Enseada and Ponta Jardim, Jardim do Mar parish, these are shingle. Over the years they gained a dimension in national and international panoramas with the completion of the World Surfing Championship. In 2000 it was held the Red Bull Big Wave Challenge and in 2001, the World Surfing Championship, over the years these gain reputation with major national and international events such as the World Surfing Championship. Among other beaches, Calheta features a wide range.

Beach in Madeira

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