On the east coast of the island of Madeira, is the Machico municipality, being 22 kilometers, this city has a great historical value. It was in Machico that landed in 1419, Gonçalves Zarco and Tristão Vaz Teixeira, when the discovery of Madeira. It is believed that a century before his discovery, Robert Machin and Anne of Arfet had found refuge here, and his name a misrepresentation of Machim name that originated the name of the city. Machico was elevated to city in 1996 and its municipality consists of five parishes: Água de Pena, Caniçal, Machico, Porto da Cruz and Santo da Serra.

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The Machico Bay calls for a walk and can observe the landscape of sea and land, while east of the Machico Valley is the viewpoint of Facho peak, which provides a panoramic view of the peaks of the central part of the island of Madeira to Ponta de São Lourenço, since along its bay is Band beach in addition, it stands out for its yellow sand imported from Morocco.

Água de Pena parish is willing downhill from the mountains to the sea, freeing up the plateau tabs, where the poles welcome the green crops, the serenity of gullies that end in the ocean immensity. A perfect place to catch sight of the landscape of the bay and valley of Machico, Caniçal and Ponta de São Lourenço is the viewpoint Francisco Alvares Nobrega.

Located in the wider area of the eastern end of the island of Madeira, Caniçal name comes from an existing plant in the area, the reed and sedge. This was raised to town in 1994, containing a higher shoreline with cliffs and rocks facing the Atlantic Ocean. At its eastern end, is Ponta de São Lourenço, featuring up to the red rock formations and dark and its islets, and this walks propose a view to cut the breath on the north and south coast of the island of Madeira but also the Deserted islands and Porto Santo.

Since 1677, Porto Cruz is the parish of Porto da Cruz and in 1996 was elevated to town. This is surrounded by mountains that give it the shape of an amphitheater facing the ocean. Porto da Cruz is a center of geological exposures with layers of volcanic ash or basaltic formations, joining agricultural areas, these elements make its unique landscape.

Santo António da Serra is a picturesque area, the only town that is divided into two, one belonging to another Machico and Santa Cruz. The name of Santo Antonio da Serra comes from dedicated patron Saint Anthony, but is also known for “Santo da Serra”. Being a natural and romantic atmosphere, which is offered by a beautiful vegetation, accompanied by beautiful villas and farmhouses, where joining the mild climate, this town is a must stop.

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