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The Cadaval municipality is located northern district of Lisbon, belonging to the Lisbon and Tagus Valley and West sub-region. It is built for seven parishes, Alguber, Cadaval e Pêro Moniz, Lamas e Cercal, Painho e Figueiros, Peral, Vermelha and Vilar.

Not forgetting the Sierra de Montejunto a protected landscape area of Regional scope, also dubbed Balcony of Extremadura, is an important point of tourist attraction, not only for its caves, unique flora and fauna, but also the Royal Ice Factory, a eighteenth monument, comprising two groups of buildings, one which produced the second ice and the ice stored in a building with three silos.

This county has a rural image, with over a thousand farms focused for wine and fruit growing activities.

In this region you can find traces of human presence during the Neolithic period, specifically in Sierra Montejunto in Pragança.

With the Roman conquest, the region of Central Extremadura flourished with several cities and towns where the Romans settled. Very close to Obidos, the city of Eburobrittium was built, and its administration area Cadaval region. This fact is known for identifying a Roman altar in Sao Tome sludges date to the second century, concerning this city of Eburobrittium. More remains were found in Quinta do Cidral near Alguber (Juncal) in Borjigas, near the town of Cadaval and Quinta de São Lourenço, in Peral.

When the Roman Empire fell and during the Muslim occupation, the region continued to be populated by people of diverse backgrounds, to the reconquest of Lisbon in 1147, where all Extremadura was on the Portuguese King domain and was repopulated by Christians.

Currently, Cadaval county remains an agricultural area, but with a significant industrial development. The very village of Cadaval is in progress, presenting with a stronger urban development.

However, progress and economic and social development are goal to reach, but never forgetting the past and the memory of what the county lived and struggled for centuries to build their cultural identity.

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