Beaches of Óbidos

Along the coast of Óbidos you can find four different beaches.

The Covões it characterized by extensive beach that exists between the Obidos Lagoon and Baleal. This is considered a wild beach and only sought by those who enjoy this type of more secluded beaches.

The Estrela is a beach with access for people with reduced mobility, with some surging during the bathing season. This has bars services, changing rooms and first-aid post and is a guarded beach. It provides conditions for the practice of sport fishing.

The Praia d’El Rei it is bordered by dunes and is part of a tourist and real estate development, with the same name, which offers support and catering services. This beach offers facilities for water sports.

The Rei Cortiço it is bordered by white cliffs made of sandstone bordering the Atlantic Ocean, accompanied by an extensive beach to the Baleal. This beach is a lifeguard during the summer season.

The Bom Sucesso it contains an extensive beach on the banks of the Obidos Lagoon to opening of the Atlantic Ocean. This is facing the Foz do Arelho, being separated from it by sandy islets. The Bom Sucesso Beach is quite popular, especially for families with children.

Beaches of the West

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