Leisure in Alcobaça

Between the Atlantic Ocean and the Serra dos Candeeiros, Alcobaça is demonstrated heterogeneous throughout its geological involves, to its relief, resources and population. In the vastness of Alcobaça territory extends from the limestone massif Estremenho the Atlantic coast. One of the most practical forms of exploitation of this territory is through routes.

Trail of São Martinho– Walking along the beach, this tour goes towards the pier, past the traditional trawlers underwater harvesting algae at St. Anthony’s hill, which allows a superb view of the bay of Saint Martin, heading for the viewpoint of the Torch, and continuing to Serra dos Magues, returning thus the village of São Martinho.

  • Distance – 8,4 km
  • Duration – 2h30
  • Departure/Arrival – Praça Engenheiro José Frederico Ulrich
  • Season advised – throughout the year, but on rainy days and dark is not advisable.
  • Level of difficulty – easy

Trail of Vale de Ventos– In the Serra dos Candeeiros, near the Windy Valley couple who runs this trail can discover the coastline of the West, enjoying the coastal scenery, fauna and flora of its surroundings. This route is advised during the time of spring and summer and the use of comfortable and practical footwear.

  • Distance – 3 km
  • Duration – 1h30
  • Departure/Arrival – Casa de Abrigo Vale dos Ventos
  • Season advised – Spring and Summer
  • Level of difficulty – easy

Leisure in the West

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