Nature of Arruda dos Vinhos

In order to meet the county Arruda dos Vinhos and natural heritage, such as forest areas and their fauna, are advised to hiking, as the “Por Serras de Al-Ruta”, since it allows the observation of the natural fauna from county and walks through the forest areas. In a cultural, environmental, sports and tourist area, this small route is by traditional and forest roads over 13 kilometers.

Another route that lets you explore the county Arruda dos Vinhos is Route Torres Lines, with the aim of promoting the heritage of the Lines of Torres in this county, for the well-being and relaxation of its visitors. Towers lines are a set of military fortifications built to protect the kingdom of Portugal during the 3rd French Invasion in 1810. These fortifications are in high and rural areas, especially agricultural and forest landscapes of the county Arruda dos Vinhos.

Nature in the West

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