Beaches of Nazaré

In the municipality of Nazaré can find five beaches, each known for its features and sought for their conditions.

The Nazaré is situated in the village of Nazaré Bay, it is surrounded by bluffs and cliffs, with a beach quite popular, both for families and for young people. In May and June, every Saturday there are demonstrations of art Xávega – kind of trawling, very characteristic of Nazaré. This beach is accompanied by the main avenue of Nazaré, making it a tourist attraction point.

The Areeiro it is a very secluded beach with an extensive sandy beach and is surrounded by dunes and pine forest. It is a beach by families seeking quiet.

The Salgado it is regarded as a golden beach, presenting with an extensive beach, and ending with a cliff. This is in the foothills of the Mangroves and offers excellent bathing water. In 2012, Quercus awarded him the distinction of “quality of gold” on the water quality. In order to reinforce the criteria of the Blue Flag, there is still the beaches classification with the Golden Quality, distinguished by Quercus, awarded to beaches that have received the good water quality rating excellent for five consecutive bathing seasons, according to analysis of Quercus, under the parameters of the national and Community legislation. It is a beach quite popular not only for its waters, but also the top of the mountain, an ideal place to practice paragliding jumps.

The Nova in Casais de Baixo is a secluded beach with difficult access and without signaling. It is surrounded by dunes and farmland.

The Norte is a beach very internationally recognized for its waves, especially by the time the surfer Garrett McNamara. This is a very long beach, surrounded by pine forests and dunes. In its cliff, are the caves hide the Cave of the Oven Orca, an ecological space and preserved. When you visit this beach, you can see the Agueira dune, one of the highest altitude dunes across Europe.

Beaches of the West

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